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I enjoy the fact that the word “gamer” does not place any certain image of the person to mind. It could be just about anyone – perhaps even your neighborhood granny. Imagining the kind of people gamers could be is surely fun, but this time it’s about the big guys.

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Bigger size – bigger price

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Fortunately there are some gaming chair manufacturers that still remember that there are gamers bigger than average. Although chairs built to accommodate bigger people are usually more expensive – it doesn’t really come as a surprise. These seats have to be quite something to be able to handle a huge person and still function as it normally does. They have to be bigger, crazy durable and extra well padded so they remain comfortable even if you weigh more. In addition to that, they must still let you enjoy all the features that make high-end chairs attractive.

Yeah, DXRacers

As mentioned in my best gaming chair picking guide, likely the first brand to make gaming chairs capable of handling all kinds of people (while maintaining their high-end quality standards) are DXRacer. If it’s strictly about the quality and time spent thinking about customer’s comfort and well-being, I haven’t yet seen a brand able to compete with DXRacer chairs.

Our List of Best Gaming Chairs for Big Guys

And so, if you are looking for best gaming chairs for big guys, here are a few models that I consider to be the best even among the DXRacers, ranging from <250lbs and 6’1” to <450lbs and 6’7”.

1. DXRacer Tank Series DOH/TS30/N (@450 lbs & 6’7″)

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Starting from the gaming chair that can handle the most of it – Tank Series DOH/TS30/N. So far it seems to be the only gaming chair that’s able to handle people of up to 450lbs and 6’7” and function like any other reclining gaming chair, what in my dictionary is nothing short of an achievement. Not only that but, just like any other recent DXRacer model, it has multi-directional padded 4D adjustable arms. And of course, like the rest of the DXRacer gaming chairs it has a tilt mechanism, headrest, adjustable seat flexibility, lumbar cushion and headrest pillow and it’s ergonomic. It is Formula Series chair made for the biggest of people. What means that you can enjoy everything a feather-weight gamer could without any issues whatsoever.


2. DXRacer Boss Series DOH/BF120/N (@450 lbs & 6’7″)

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Boss Series DOH/BF120/N is Tank Series “office” cousin. Just like Tank Series, it is capable of handling people under 450lbs in weight and 6’7” in height. The only difference – it is designed to look more like an office chair rather than a gaming chair. At the end of the day… it is still a full-fledged gaming chair. Same features and functions but a somewhat unique design.

3. DXRacer Sentinel Series DOH/SJ00/NB (@350 lbs & 6’5″)

DXRacer Sentinel Big and Tall Gaming Chair

Sentinel Series DOH/SJ00/NB is a big and tall gaming chair for, obviously, taller players. It can handle a person weighing under 350lbs and shorter than 6’5”.  Not that much different from tank series, except for the weight it can handle. A great choice if your “big” is more about height than weight.


4. DXRacer Iron Series DOH/IS166/N (@350 lbs & 6’5″)

The Best Gaming Chair for Big Guys Alternative

This time it’s Sentinel Series chairs’ cousin from the office – Iron Series DOH/IS166/N. But, unlike Boss Series, most of the gamers prefer this model over any other Sentinel Series for its unique design and overall flawless quality. One of the most successful models for DXRacer. Is definitely one of my all-time favorites.

5. DXRacer King Series DOH/KS06/NB (@300 lbs & 6’3″)

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Moving further down the size hill you can find the King Series DOH/KS06/NB. Very famous series that will accommodate anyone under 300lbs and 6’3”. At the moment it is the most popular King Series chair. Very comfortable and the materials feel very pleasant to touch. Of course, same as most of the newer DXRacer models, it has 90 degrees 4D adjustable armrests and a rocking function. One of my all-time favorites.

6. DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RV001/NB(@250 lbs & 6’1″)

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Racing Series DOH/RV001/NB Now this model is different from the rest of his kin. Normally Racing Series can handle up to 200 lbs in weight and 5’9” in height – this model, however, can handle a person as tall as 6’1” weighing up to 250lbs. Again, it also has 4D adjustable soft pad armrests. This model served to fill the gap between normal racing series and king series chairs and it surely did its part seeing as it is one of the most popular DXRacer chairs on the market.

My personal Favorite
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If I were to say what the very best gaming chair for big guys is – I’d have no choice but to go with Racing Series DOH/RV001/NB. Racing Series chair is already the most popular series DXRacer has. However, being able to handle people up to 6’1″ and 250lbs, this model serves to fill the gap between King Series and normal Racing Series chairs.  Majority of the “big” gamers fit that exact category and this model became the sanctuary to those who didn’t properly fit in neither normal Racing Series nor King Series chairs.

Everyone should be able to enjoy gaming chair experience on the same level regardless of their size and build. Fortunately there are companies that understand it and still operate regarding our wishes and not the riches. Hope you find and enjoy your own best gaming chair for big guys. Also check our big guide for best gaming chairs for PC and console.

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