DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD101/NB Newedge Edition Review

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD101/NB Newedge Edition Review

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD101/NB Newedge EditionDOH/FD101/NB – one of the most popular DXRacer models on amazon.com. In addition to that, it’s also the most popular F-Series model in general. Just like every one of their chairs, DXRacer built it to be as comfortable and as healthy for long gaming sessions as possible. F-Series gaming chairs are designed for average and slim body types what is part of the reason this particular model is so popular.

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Like every Formula Series gaming chair this one fits people of up to 5″9′ (175cm) in height and 200 lb (91kg) in weight.  For the best experience possible, however, it is important that you are close to being 5’8″ ( 1.73 m) tall and 180 lbs (81.65 kg) weight.
DXRacer Gaming Chairs Size Guide

Specifications & Chair Dimensions

Here are DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD101/NB Newedge Edition specifications and features:

  • Ergonomic design;
  • Conventional tilt mechanism with adjustable tilt angle of 3~17°;
  • 90° to 135° angle recline adjuster;
  • Patent race car seat with breathable materials for long gaming sessions;
  • 1D (height) soft pad cover adjustable armrests 11.0″L x 3.0″W;
  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar support cushions;
  • 5-star nylon base with little footrests;
  • 2″ PU casters;
  • Tilt lock;
  • Metal frame;
  • Strong mesh and PU cover materials;
  • High, 52 kg/m³, density mould shaping cold cure foam;
  • Black frame color;
  • Black and blue chair cover colors;
  • High-back backrest style;
  • 2-year warranty for accessories, lifetime for the frame;
  • Eco-conscious (less harsh chemicals/REACH Certificate);
  • Adjustable height gas-spring;
  • Approximate Net weight 48.50 lb (22kg);
  • Seat size: 14.5″W(Front) x 12.5″W (Back) x 17.75″D;
  • Maximum seat height: 21″;
  • Minimum seat height: 16.5″;
  • Maximum arm height: 29″;
  • Minimum arm height: 22″;
  • Backrest height: 32.25″;
  • Backrest shoulder width: 22.25″;

Detailed DXRacer dimension chart:

dxracer chair dimensions


DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD101/NB Newedge EditionI myself am a big fan of all gaming chairs by DXRacer designed after a racing car seat and this model is not an exception. The racing car seat style is what gives these chairs the “cool” factor and I really love it. It might make one wonder if he’s gaming at high speeds.

But besides the seat’s form that makes your game feel like a professional sport and my poor sense of humor, the uniquely shaped base is also why DXRacers look so awesome. Edgy five-star base complemented by tiny high-contrast colored footrests make the chair look sharp and fast. In addition to that, nylon’s and strong mesh’s lack of light reflection gives it this sweet phantom-y feeling.

Followed by that, this model also has to have the beautiful high-contrast light blue color that just screams gaming. But what’s even more beautiful is the black and blue colors layout. The color seems to appear exactly where you need it in the shapes that look the most enticing. And to top it all off, you have edges of the seat outlined by the same neon blue color also giving it this sharp feeling. Kind of reminds me of these guys that dance in the dark with their costumes made of LEDs.

Performance & Longevity

If we are questioning longevity DXRacers have it figured out. If nothing else they are definitely super high quality chairs as they only use the highest quality materials available to build them.

This model has a 52 kg/m³ high density foam which is pretty much the same as your typical car seat. In addition to that, the seat used for this chair is patent race car seat what just proves how long you can expect the seat to maintain its original form. What’s more, the frame is made from tubular steel and has a life-time warranty. Just in case you crashed it in to the wall while speeding. And that’s not all.

Standing on a heavy duty nylon base this chair isn’t breaking anytime soon as nylon is apparently flexible and quite sturdy. However, if you are well over the max user weight, the flexible properties of nylon might backfire. Over the time it could bend to the point where the middle touches the floor and I’m certainly not a fan of such an idea. Even if you have yourself to blame for choosing incorrect size chair.

As for the casters, instead of normal cheap PVC ones this chair has them made of PU. They are a lot more durable and much smoother in action so you do not need to worry about changing them anytime soon. Or your flooring for that matter.

Cover materials used for this model is PU and strong mesh. PU is a lot more durable than PVC but is nonetheless at risk of wearing. With this chair however, there isn’t any need to worry about that at all. The spots that usually are under the most stress are covered with strong mesh instead of PU. Rest of the spots that don’t naturally suffer from friction as much are covered in PU, resulting in both: good looking and durable chair cover.

Take a peek at how one of their chairs look from the inside.


DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD101/NB has no issues with comfort whatsoever. It’s adjusted to match the recommended size person perfectly. Made from high-density cold cure foam it is extremely comfortable even for gaming or working sessions longer than 8 hours. Taking it a step further, it reclines to 135 degrees making it possible to enjoy a power nap in the middle of the night grind. What’s more, it has height adjustable soft pad armrests that you can tweak to match your preferences. And if you don’t feel cozy enough, this chair comes with adjustable headrest and lumbar support cushions that you can also tweak to your liking.

The only small issue I find in this chair is 1D armrests. Although they are height adjustable, I personally would much prefer a bit more freedom in armrest adjustment.

Likely the very definition of comfortable. DXRacer plays it smart by making each of their series fit to a different height and weight ranges, thus, making all of their chairs fit you just perfectly.


Healthy gaming is also one of DXRacer’s fortes. All of their gaming chairs are designed ergonomically so you can game longer without giving yourself a back, wrist or neck pains or even something more permanent.

Going into details, the uniquely shaped seat is where all the secrets to healthy gaming lie. It is shaped and measured so you remain comfortable and don’t get tired while sitting in correct posture. But that’s not all. High-back backrest isn’t just for style. It functions as a solution to neck/spine pain. In addition to that, there are adjustable armrests that prevent you from getting wrist/arm pain. And if that wasn’t enough, this model comes with adjustable lumbar support cushion you can use to increase the healthy factor.

Ease of Use and Assembly

Assembling this piece of art is a no-brainer and usually won’t take longer than 10 minutes. Once assembled it is also very simple to use and you get used to it in no time.

Only thing that might prove to be somewhat of a problem is cleaning this chair. Unlike PU and PVC that are very easy to take care of, mesh is harder to tend to and might require some extra effort in removing the stains.

Instructional video on how to assemble a F-Series pc gaming chair:

Value for Price

For the price I don’t think you can ask for much more. This chair doesn’t use any unnecessarily tough parts that obviously won’t be made use of because of its capacity and I consider it a good way to lower the price.

All in All

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD101/NB Newedge Edition is one of the best value/price gaming chairs I’ve ever seen. Not only it looks great, it’s very comfortable and healthy too. You can spend a lot of time sitting in it without getting even remotely tired. Likely one of the best gaming chairs there is.

 DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD101/NB Newedge Edition 2


out of 5

Many useful functions, comfortable and healthy for long gaming sessions, quality materials, sturdy, well thought out design.
Can be a hassle to clean, could have 3D armrests.
Very much worth ever penny of it. Would highly recommend it to everyone who matches the recommend size.



Performance & Longevity






Ease of Use & Assembly


Amazon.com Rating


Value for Price


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