The Best of Cheap Gaming Chairs | PC and Console (2018)

The Best of Cheap Gaming Chairs | PC and Console (2018)

When price is a factor it’s always better that you get the best bang for the buck. There are quite a few cheap gaming chairs to choose from, however most of them can be just plain junk. Buying a chair that cuts back on quality and not fancy features translates to major future headache.

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If you’ve read the guide on the homepage “Best Chair for Gaming”, you know that there are different kind of chairs for different kinds of gamers. If you are a PC gamer you’ll need a high-back chair – if you are console user you’ll be better off with a low-seating chair etc.

But if you are looking for a good buy that suits both – a high-back chair with its adjustable height feature is likely the best choice for both: consoles and PCs.

Here are a few mentions I found to be labeled “best bang for the buck” in their own categories, sorted by price – low to high. Personally, I find them able to give the high-end chairs a good run for their money.

Console gamers







If you are a console gamer, then you are probably on a hunt for a rocker. Here are a few recommendations that are priced below average.

1. Sanford 5121001

Without any additional features, Sanford 5121001 is as simple as it gets. If you are looking for something to drop down your arse on for your casual gaming or Netflix sessions and you are not very excited about spending too much money on your hobby, this might be exactly what you are looking for. Not recommended for people sized bigger than average size.

2. Cohesion XP 2.1

Being better equipped with features than Sanford’s seat, Cohesion XP 2.1 offers you a little more immersion and better portability. A nice choice for someone who does not want to spend much on a gaming chair but would enjoy trying out the features that make low seating chairs great. It has two speakers, volume controllers, it is foldable so you can store or carry it easily. Yeah, still not recommended for tall or heavy people.

3. V Rocker 5130301

The most expensive pick in the list that despite still being in “affordable” range manages to demonstrate all the potential of “rockers” is without a doubt V Rocker 5130301. Surely the best bang for the buck, it has every one of the most important features other “rocker” chairs have but is not as expensive. Wireless audio system, two speakers and a sub, you can rock it back and forth, ergonomic design, nice padding and neat looks and decorous color of poop (very enticing). Or coffee… whichever you prefer. A full-fledged gaming chair for console gamers that will get you to experience the game on a whole different level.

PC gamers

Gaming PC png

If you are a pc gamer, then you must be looking for a high-back ergonomic gaming chair. Here are a few chairs that are considered to be the best cheap gaming chairs for pc gamers.

1. Homall Gaming Chair

Although quite cheap, Homall Gaming Chair is one of the best rated popular gaming chairs I’ve seen. Built of quality materials it is very comfortable to sit on, it can swivel 360 degrees just like any other gaming chair, can handle 280lbs and the wheels are designed so they do not scratch the floor and move quietly. It doesn’t have any special features, but covers the most important qualities of gaming chairs. The style could be a bit better, but its overall performance and functionality compensates more than necessary.

2. Gaming Chair by BestOffice

The specs and qualities are almost identical to the model above but it has a couple more features that make it a bit more expensive. It has lumbar support and removable headrest cushion. It looks a lot more like a gamer’s chair should and has a very sweet extendable footrest. A very nice chair for a person with a tight budget who is excited about getting to taste the real gaming chair experience. One of the best-selling cheap gaming chairs, that is said to perform REALLY well for the price.

3. Giantex Reclining Gaming Chair

Most expensive one on the list is the Giantex Reclining Gaming Chair. This chair brings forward features all high-end gaming chairs love to brag about the most. It is equipped with adjustable lumbar support cushion, removable headrest cushion and most importantly – it’s a recliner. Like all gaming chairs it has a very high backrest in order to support your whole back. It is nylon based, covered with material that’s easy to clean and doesn’t wear quickly. Capable of handling 250lbs does work just right for bigger people too. This is likely as close you get to higher-end chairs without paying too much.

Alternatives for PC gamers

Even though it’s a list of best cheap gaming chairs it does not mean that they are very cheap in general. In case you find PC chairs above a little bit too expensive, here is a couple of rather nice office chairs that can very well be used for gaming too.

1. AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Chair.

Less expensive choice. Very simple and very affordable. It may look like any other office chair but is actually ergonomic and quite comfortable. If your gaming budget is very tight, this will undoubtedly get you through the “hard times”. To be honest, would personally buy this only to fix my posture while I am working with my computer. It also has smooth rolling casters and is able to handle 225 pounds which is surprisingly much for such a small looking chair.

2. High Back Executive Chair by BestOffice.

More expensive choice. Fall in and play kind of chair, a bit more cushion-y, ergonomically designed, heavy-duty metal base able to handle 250lbs, with lumbar support. Quite comfortable for longer periods of continuous use, nice looking and made of easily cleanable PU Leather. Better choice if you want to rest all of your weight once in a while in between grinding.

Best Cheap Gaming Chairs

Best cheap gaming chair alternatives

All of the chairs mentioned above have their names hanging at the hall of the “best bang for the buck”. Honestly, they are all great gaming chairs, but even among them there are ones that received more votes as the “best cheap gaming chair” than the rest. Considering every aspect to consider, the ones I found to be worthy of the title are:

Gaming Chair by Best Office

The best bang for the buck for under $100. For the price it is very well thought out. While it is far from award winning design, safe to say that all of the price rests in quality. Simply put, there currently is no other chair with this kind of quality for this kind of price.



V Rocker 5130301

V Rocker 5130301

From console gamers’ point of view, this is as close as you get to top-notch rockers without sacrificing the performance and quality. I quite enjoy its classic leather-ish design and colors and it does seem to be sturdy. Other than that, the speakers are high-quality and you can rock it back and forth. I wouldn’t recommend this chair for big people in both width and height, but for everyone else this seems to be the top-pick.




When purchasing a lower priced product it is important that you make sure what the reasons for its low price are.

Sometimes it is comfort – sometimes looks, cool features or something else that’s being sacrificed to make the product cheaper than others in the category. Find out what it is beforehand to make sure that you get exactly what you pay for.

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