The Best Ergonomic Gaming Chairs for Healthy Gaming (of 2018)

The Best Ergonomic Gaming Chairs for Healthy Gaming (of 2018)

best ergonomic gaming chairs

Best ergonomic gaming chairs is a very broad topic. Why? Because all gaming chairs manufacturers will try to make their chair ergonomic… at least, if they want someone to buy it. Most of the gaming chairs sold nowadays are ergonomic. Everyone knows that casual or a long-term gamer – they are going to spend lots of time sitting in them. Ergonomic design is necessary, so you don’t catch a bad neck or back pain, or something even more permanent.

Don’t feel like reading? You can check out the best ergonomic gaming chair here.

It’s complicated


It’s not easy to decide what ergonomic chair is better than the other. The main criteria by which I judged what the best ergonomic gaming chairs are, were adaptability, comfort and overall quality.

To get the best out of any gaming chair, first and foremost you need to make sure you fit in it.

Therefore: a few picks I researched to be the best at their own weight capacities.


For users of up to recommended 200 lbs in weight and 5’9” in height, it’s none other than well-known DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RW106/NE that will do the job best. It has a patent race car seat that is made of breathable material. The technology to disperse one’s body temperature enabling them to enjoy really long sessions of gaming. Also, it has top-notch ergonomic design, adjustable seat flexibility and 3D adjustable armrests with soft padding, adjustable backrest, tilt mechanism, includes adjustable lumbar and headrest pillows plus little footrests on each of the legs. Made only of best quality materials and parts. The chair is, of course, a lot more expensive than average. But it will surely require you some intentional effort to break or wear out.


As it might be too expensive for some, there’s OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair to stop you from complaining. Although not made from the same grade quality materials and parts, if it’s about great ergonomic design it’s not lacking. It has all the adjustable features needed to match the chair to your body build and is still made of pretty high quality materials. While it is advertised to be able to handle up to 350 lbs (which might be the case if you are not planning to use the reclining mechanism), recommended weight is up to 200 lbs. Recommended height – 5’6”-6’2”. You also have a lot of high-contrast colors to choose from, which is great!


Ferrino Line Chair by RapidX – the new king of up to 265lbs. New product in the market that mainly focuses on ergonomic design and adjustability… of course they did not forget the design part. This chair will literally fit in everywhere, office, gaming room, work room etc… The design is just great and the chair doesn’t lack anything that makes you comfortable in it. The recommended height for this chair is around 6’2” but I’m sure you could go a little higher without losing out on comfort.


While for bigger guys of under 300lbs and 6’3”, it’s the DXRacer Classic Series DOH/CE120/NR that rules the land. Needless to say, being a DXRacer, it’s equipped with one too many things to make you cozy in this chair. And I’ll assume you do not need a repeated description of a DXRacer chair, so I’ll be letting myself off the hook here.


If you find yourself bigger than 300lbs or 6’3″ – see my best gaming chairs for big guys post.

Console Gamer?

Not to forget about console gamers that would also want a taste of that sweet “rocker” experience without having to move their lower limbs for several continuous hours. If we are talking about low seating ergonomic chairs, only one chair comes to my mind – X-Rocker 5125401. It comfortably fits people of many sizes and if you feel like arms are getting in the way you can always swivel them up. Comfortable quality chair that is not wearing out anytime soon.

Best ergonomic gaming chair

If we are strictly about what the best ergonomic gaming chair is, I have no qualms giving the credit to DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RW106/NE. As for why, if it comes not only to great ergonomic design but overall quality rating too – this one receives full marks. Judge how you will, but this chair simply has it all.

No need to think about it, the best ergonomic gaming chairs will always be the ergonomically designed chairs made with longevity and durability in mind. It you bought a cheap ergonomic chair with a lot of features that scream “ergonomic” but can’t last you a month, a year or two in good form, it would simply become an uncomfortable subject your friends would shy away from talking to you about because they know you are in pain sitting in a chair that is now as comfortable as a bed of nails. Ouch. But seriously now, what’s an ergonomic design if it doesn’t last long.

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